Insight Opticians - Coronavirus Guidelines

From 15th June 2020, Insight Opticians will be opening back up in line with government advice. We will be implementing a series of measures to keep both staff and our clients protected. We have, therefore, listed some guidelines to help us keep the practice safe

Guideline 1 - UPDATED 8th July 2020

Routine Sight Testing has returned to normal and appointments can now be made, however Contact Lens fittings are still suspsended. We have the ability to extend your prescription if you are not having any vision/eye issues. This applies if your last sight test/contact lens check is not significantly out of date. This will help reduce exposure risk.

Guideline 2

Only one client will be allowed in the premises at any one time. If the client is a child or requires extra help, then one parent / guardian / carer / family member may also be present.

Guideline 3

Only enter the premises if you have an appointment to do so. This includes sight tests, spectacle fittings, picking up contact lenses and repairs. Please wait at the front door until a staff member welcomes you and advises you to enter. Please let us know if you would prefer to have your contact lenses/spectacles posted to you.

Guideline 4

Please use the antibacterial gel that will be provided at the front desk upon entering. If possible, please also wear a mask. Our staff will always be donned in PPE when clients are present.

In regards to our clinic days, the practice will be open for urgent/emergency appointments on Thursdays only to start with. As restrictions lift, more appointments will be made available.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding through these difficult times